Studying Spanish in Tropical Paradise?

By Elenor Q. Reynolds

Are you trying to learn another language but it is really not creating anything but frustration? Why not come to Costa Rica and take advantage of the opportunity of being completely immersed within a Spanish culture? It is a once in a life time experience, that cannot be missed!

Studying another language should not have to be a tedious, daily battle, it should be an exciting challenge! If you book today that Spanish course, then you will be securing the chance of an adventure in a country, notorious for its nature and wildlife !

Although there are numerous Spanish courses, from my own experience I would highly recommend CPI (Centro Panamericano de languages) Immersion School, if you are in search of a truly unique experience. CPI is the only Spanish school here in Costa Rica that has three different schools in three very diverse and divine locations. If you divide your studies and experiences between the schools then it can only triple the fun!

One of the schools is set in the suburbs of a town called Heredia. Students will get to experience what it is like to live and learn in a typical Costa Rican town and yet not be too far from Costa Rica's capital city; San Jose. The school is encircled by exotic gardens in which you can unwind during break time and for those who are just bursting with energy then there is a ping pong table, mini soccer pitch and basketball court.

The second campus is perched on a green mountain top between the small, Tico (Costa Rican people) town of Santa Elena and the famous Quaker village of Monteverde, however the area is best known as 'Monteverde'. The area consists of extensive cloud forests , wondrous wildlife, panoramic views and spectacular sunsets. One of the best viewing points in Monteverde is actually located right in front of the school. Imagine bringing an end to a day of Spanish classes, to work out in the mini gym and a long soak in the jacuzzi, with the picture perfect sunset!

The third campus is situated just a 5 minute stroll from one of the country's many pristine beaches called Flamingo. Although the area has a Northern American feel if you venture out in to the surroundings town; Potrero and Brasilito then you will begin to see more of the Costa Rican culture. The school offers a place to play basketball and of course the odd game of ping pong. If you get a little hot and sticky then do not fret just take a dip in the school's swimming pool! Heaven!

You can begin your Spanish program when you want and the duration of the course is a completely personal choice. The specialized Spanish programs are tailored to suit individual needs and if you decide you want to study at all three schools then the transition is nothing but a smooth and might I say 'adventurous' ride!

Once CPI has selected the right Spanish Program for you it doesn't stop there. It can arrange your accommodation. If you don't want to speak anything but Spanish then a home stay would be ideal. Nevertheless CPI also offers stay in one of its fully equipped and furnished studios, which are located close to the school.

Don't forget that apart from learning Spanish at CPI you need to make time for adventure. Take advantage of the many tours and activities and reveal Costa Rica's true beauty! It is a unique country offering a wide variety of terrain and climate suiting all needs! - 30231

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Focus On Grammar Helps With Teaching English

By Eli Terry

Irene Schoenberg has written a series called "Focus on Grammar" that is published by Pearson Longman. It's a series of texts on English as a second language that takes you from level one through level five. She does such a great job that it's now in its third printing.

As the title implies, the books focus on the grammar aspect of understanding English. The lesson are separated into areas about different grammar subjects. In each area of the book students will be taught to read, write, speak, and listen, using exercises that support the major grammar subject. This, certainly, is added to the various grammar activities.

She deals with all facets of grammar and uses a question and answer format for her exercises. The questions begin with a simple fill-in-the-blank and then go on to get progressively more difficult. Editing written work and grammar structures is also stressed.

The grammar is not isolated but is presented at the beginning of the chapters as current events or entertainment or pop culture articles. Students will read that and then go on to answer questions based on the grammar of the reading.

For instance, one type of reading deals with the film, "It's a Wonderful Life" and the way it applies the 3rd conditional. During the text, examples for the 3rd conditional are highlighted in bold so the students can it see it clearly. The books include an audio CD for students, which is used for listening activities. Also, an interactive CD-Rom can be bought at an additional cost. These extra supplies offer more advantages to the series.

The books in this series are very usable for those wanting to learn English. But they're valuable as well to teachers because of their sheer wealth of information and practice.

They have superior explanations, examples, and activities for all of the main verb tenses, conditional sentences, prepositions, nouns, and a lot more necessary grammar subjects. If I had to pick out an ESL text curriculum, this would be first on my list.

If at all one has to find fault with this series of grammar text books it is that the books are designed for adult learners, and children might therefore find the approach too serious for their liking. However, I must stress on the fact that Focus on Grammar is a truly useful series, for the serious adult learner. It is also a great help to ESL teachers. - 30231

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Extreme Costa Rica Zip Line Tours

By Elenor Q. Reynolds

Costa Rica has become increasingly popular as a vacation destination. Also on the rise in the activities list is canopy tours. With many choices available to choose from it's a thrill for both young and old. If you go home without trying your hand at zip lining, you will surely regret it.

If you are looking for extreme Costa Rica canopy adventure, there are many companies and locations to choose from. This will not only be a memorable experience, it will likely be something you want to do again. The incredible rush you feel traveling across the tree tops, a hundred plus feet off the ground, attached to a cable in a harness is an adrenaline rush of a lifetime.

There are many different tour companies to choose from for your canopy adventure, so be sure to do your research. There are many different options available in the way of the canopy adventure, so if you are looking for relaxed or extreme, it's out there. Repelling with the canopy is one popular choice and the Tarzan swing is another popular option that those adventure seekers.

When you think of canopy tours what do you think of???? Well, the canopy is a sequence of cables that are tactically constructed in various locations throughout the forest. You are harnessed to these cables with a pulley and sent zipping over the tops of the trees to platforms that await you. Each platform has a guide to assist you with the connection and send you off to the next platform.

What better way to view the upper levels of a rain Forest than by flying along harnessed to a cable gliding over the treetops. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view. I f you have questions about age restrictions, people with disabilities, weight or medical issues, check with your tour operator of choice prior to booking.

There are canopy tours located in Herradura next to Jaco on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica and offers breathtaking views of the gulf of Nicoya and the Pacific Ocean. Prices are comparable among all the operators, starting around $40.00 per person for adults.

Whether you choose the eco-friendly theme park tour, the famous Original Canopy tour or a tropical park tour; we are certain you will find one to meet your needs. Horseback riding tours to your first canopy, premium full day adventure tours or just the Original Costa Rica canopy tour, it's all here. Congo Trail Canopy is a favorite of a lot of tourists because it sits between Ocotal and Flamingo beaches; suggest you check it out!

While the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the Santa Elena reserve are both amazing places and depending on your choice, both are a must see. There are many trails to explore in Monteverde and Santa Elena reserve and they do have suspension bridges. Your birds-eye view for bromelias, orchids and of course the birds from their perspective.

We encourage you to make sure and have your sunscreen, bug spray and a waterproof jacket for those rainy days. Being in the Costa Rica rainforest, the weather is often unpredictable, so better to be prepared than caught without protection from the elements. There are amazing wonders awaiting you in the Cloud Forest's of Monteverde, so make sure this adventure makes your short list. - 30231

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Extreme Costa Rica Zip Line Tours

By Elenor Q. Reynolds

Costa Rica canopy tours are becoming increasingly popular to many more tourists visiting Costa Rica each year. Tourists ageing in range from ninety years old to as young as six years old can experience this thrill of a lifetime. Do not leave Costa Rica wishing you had taken the chance to experience this incredible thrill.

If you are looking for extreme Costa Rica canopy adventure, there are many companies and locations to choose from. This will not only be a memorable experience, it will likely be something you want to do again. The incredible rush you feel traveling across the tree tops, a hundred plus feet off the ground, attached to a cable in a harness is an adrenaline rush of a lifetime.

Costa Rica canopy tours offer many different kinds of adrenaline rush. Whether you are zip lining through the jungle, then jumping from a 30' platform on a Tarzan swing, or just repelling down the side of a mountain, there is something for every one. There are many different canopy tour operators to choose from, depending on how much or little adventure you desire.

Canopy tours consist of a series of platforms and cables placed strategically throughout the forest. As you travel from platform to platform, you will be connected to the cable with a harness and pulley. Some tour companies offer safety connections while you are standing on the platform waiting to move to through to the next location.

You job on this amazing adventure is to just relax and enjoy the ride. The hardest part about this experience will be deciding which canopy company to choose from. Age and weight restrictions do vary slightly from company to company so it's best to check prior to booking.

A favorite location for many tourists is near Jaco beach in Herradura. This destination is located near the Gulf of Nicoya which is on the Central Pacific Coast. As you are flying through the sky you have amazing views of the Gulf of Nicoya as well as the Pacific Ocean.

Congo Trail Canopy Tour is a canopy tour located between Flamingo and Ocotal beaches. Turubari is an eco-adventure oriented theme park and a Costa Rica adventure travel company offering premium quality one day adventure Rain Forest tours. Some of the tours available are the famous Costa Rica canopy tour, the rain Forest aerial tram tour, the tropical park tour, the horseback ride tour, the sensational cable tour and much more.

If it's just a quiet laid-back walk you are looking for then you have to experience either the Monteverde or Santa Elena Reserve. Taking a nice walk on one of the few suspension bridges to get a view from above the trees of the forest bottom is spectacular! There are many spectacular sights to be seen from these incredible heights.

We encourage you to make sure and have your sunscreen, bug spray and a waterproof jacket for those rainy days. Being in the Costa Rica rainforest, the weather is often unpredictable, so better to be prepared than caught without protection from the elements. There are amazing wonders awaiting you in the Cloud Forest's of Monteverde, so make sure this adventure makes your short list. - 30231

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Why Take A Ziplining Tour When You Visit Costa Rica

By Elenor Q. Reynolds

If you are asking yourself why you should take Monteverde Costa Rica canopy tours on your next holiday in Costa Rica, there is a very simple answer to this question. Simply put, a Costa Rica zip lining tour is the thrill of a lifetime and something you will not find anywhere else. If you are looking for a unique way to enjoy nature and have some excitement at the same time, this is the tour for you.

A cloud forest canopy tour experience can be a spectacular family event. Folks of all ages enjoy this very unique adventure. It will certainly be a ride that will forever be remembered and cherished for years to come.

The beauty of the forest and the area is viewed in a way that is just not possible by any other method. Soaring through the air from tree to tree, you will be able to see things that only birds and maybe monkey's get to see. From the height of the canopy platforms you'll be able to witness the cloud forest life from a very unique perspective, not too many humans get to experience.

The Moneverde cloud forest canopy hosts a very site-specific, endemic, flora and fauna. Bromeliads and orchids, strange fungi, and lichen covered tree limbs are home-base to an array of migrating tropical birds and many exciting mammal species.

All of the tours have great instructors and guides to help you with your first experience with a Costa Rica zip lining tour. They will show you how to move from tree to tree in a safe way so that you are able to put your worries aside and just enjoy the ride.

A zip line tour through the cloud forest of Monteverde will probably be the most exciting family event you could plan for while in Costa Rica. It's something that the whole family can enjoy and will probably go down in your family history as one of the crazier, unique experiences you enjoyed on your travels. - 30231

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The History Of The Waltz Dance

By Melanie LaPatin

The most romantic images are conjured up in ones mind whenever someone mentions the Waltz. Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and countless others offered their renditions of this supremely elegant expression of dance. Today, we refer to that eminent expression of romance as the slow Waltz. Yet in the beginning, this sentimental dance of the heart was roundly condemned as scandalous due to the closed position of the dancers, the rapid pace and the incessant twirling. Women had heretofore been kept at arms length " literally!

The Viennese Waltz began in the early 1800s, and after an original round of condemnation by other countries, gradually became accepted as royalty and the upper crust of high society embraced it. It was the English that in 1921 gave us the more genteel version known as the Slow Waltz. Influenced in part by the Foxtrot, the Slow Waltz made its way to the United States. With a new basic step, including various turns, under the arm movements and hesitations, it was a graceful as it was romantic. Although still a Waltz, there was very little left of the mad twirling that once characterized the dance of its Viennese roots.

In 1921, the English held a Great Conference, which determined the official rules for various dances. For the Slow Waltz, the closed pose was to be used, with the right and left turns and basic steps established. To distinguish it from the popular Foxtrot, passing changes were forbidden in the Slow Waltz. These changes necessitated a wider area of available dance space for turns, which is one reason why you always see Fred and Ginger moving in unison around a wide, empty floor.

Although it seems a bit odd for a popular dance to be codified by a board of dance bureaucrats, no one can argue with the beauty of the results. In 1929, the form of the Slow Waltz was finalized. The original Viennese Waltz was not even under consideration, as it had died out everywhere in the world other than in Austria during World War I (although it would rise again after the end of World War II).

At the time, the English were looked upon as leaders in the world of dance. One of the great English authorities on the Slow Waltz (also called the English Waltz) was Victor Silvester, who taught the Germans how to dance.

By the 1930s, all matters pertaining to the Slow Waltz were properly referred to the English masters of the dance for a final decision. The Waltz, albeit in its slower, adapted form, had come a long way in England and in the rest of the world from its original condemnation as a vulgar display.

The Waltz that is referred to as one of the five standard International Style ballroom dances is the Slow Waltz. It has been danced by emperors and kings, presidents and royalty alike. Yet no one can forget the ultimate grace and charm of a tail-coated Fred Astaire polishing the floor with the epitome of beauty and grace, Ginger Rogers. - 30231

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Learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone

By Miriam G Price

If you are somebody who is looking for higher Spanish language learning, you will find that one resource that you can turn to is a learn Spanish software. There are a number of diverse Spanish software out there, and if you want to make sure that your command of the language is sound, a single program that will likely suggest itself to you is Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone has a lot to offer when it comes to Spanish language learning and if you want to find out whether it is for you, there are a small number of things to keep in mind.

What Are We Looking at?

Assuming you want to go for a Spanish language learning you might be curious about Rosetta Stone. Well, when you get it you will find yourself with the first two levels that can be used with a PC or Mac. The set includes your own microphone and instructional guide as well.

This program allows you to engage interactively with the program and you will find that it can adapt to your needs and your skills. The program is molded by your ability and you will find that one of the main features of the program is that you are engaging in active as well as receptive language learning, as the program will correct your speech through its voice recognition module.

The Upside

There are quite a few benefits that exist for those buying the software for learning Spanish. First, you'll learn that you have the ability to use it from a compact disc or to download it to your personal media player for an individual on the move. Use a little time to find out more regarding ways you can access it, and you'll learn that being able to get wrapped up in the software is of great help.

Similarly, you will find that the program itself is constructed to run at the level that you are capable of. The program only moves as fast as you do, and you will find that there is no chance of being left behind, which is a risk in many live classrooms. When you are in the process of Spanish language learning, you will find that you are going to be able to move forward and to make sure that you can get all the basics covered.

Th Downside

You will find some noteworthy disadvantages with this software. For instance, there is no live teacher on hand. Also, some complains are that you are not able to learn the right speed at which a native speaker talks. Learn more about Rosetta Stone and see if it is the way for you to learn Spanish! - 30231

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